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Rio 2016 Olympics – What to watch

Actually, what I will watch, but nobody cares about that so I had to trick you into reading this somehow, right? I have to admit I am not particularly a huge fan of the Olympics, as for some reason I tend to associate them with sun and heat, both of which I hate. I enjoy the Winter Olympics much more, but at the same time I love the fact that so called “lesser sports” get exposure and I’m a regular fan of some of them. So, here`s what I`m looking forward to and recommend. I`ll keep it free of odds and predictions, there’ll be plenty of betting tips for that.

jesus rio 2016 olympics

Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt are must see TV

Two of the best Olympians that ever lived. Both legends have put in the work to be in the Olympics one last time.

Phelps retired twice already but decided to give it one last go in Rio, though he will only compete in 3 individual events, plus 3 relays. He is the most decorated Olympian with 22 medals (18 gold), an 8 time gold medalist at Beijing 2008 (unbreakable record) and I will surely watch him, especially as I love swimming and particularly butterfly, his specialty. His rivalries with Cseh and Le Clos (Butterfly) and Lochte (Medley) will be spectacular to see and the races are set to be decided by the slimmest of margins, as the evenly matched odds confirm. Phelps’ 3 finals are definitely my number 1 priority during these Olympics, but I will check out and watch any swimming that I can get my hands on in the next few weeks, as it has always been my favorite Olympic sport.

As for Usain Bolt, need I say more? Biggest draw of the Olympics, I don`t need to recommend watching him. A 6 time Gold medalist, fastest man on earth and only man to defend his 100m and 200m titles in the Olympics. He`ll aim to do it for the third time, which would be history to last beyond our lives.

With records to be broken and all time greatness to be seen, almost surely for the last time, Phelps and Bolt are must see TV. Times in brackets are for the finals.

• Phelps: 200m Butterfly (10.08, 01:25 GMT), 200m Medley (12.08, 02:00 GMT), 100m Butterfly (13.08, 01:10 GMT)

• Bolt: 100m (15.08, 01:35 GMT), 200m (19.08, 01:30 GMT), 4x100m relay (20.08, 01:35 GMT)

Michael Phelps Usain Bolt Olympics


I’m still ‘hurting’ a bit over Golden State’s epic collapse in the NBA finals, so the Olympics come just in time to help me forget about my losses on the finals. Team USA is obviously the ultra heavy favorite but their roster seems to be the weakest in a long time. There are teams out there who can upset USA on a good day, so I`ll be looking forward to that.

Water Polo

With one of the best Water Polo teams to ever play the game, Serbia, looking for its first ever title, things are set to get interesting. The sport is improving and there are a handful of fantastic teams in the tournament, so I will definitely watch all of it – especially as I was a wonderkid in Water Polo myself a decade or so ago :). It will bring back memories.


It doesn`t have the same appeal without Federer for me, but I`ll still watch the matches when I can and keep an eye on the results, mostly due to betting reasons.

Women’s Handball

Will definitely keep an eye on Romania’s girls, who are playing very entertaining handball, finished 3rd during the last World Cup and are in contention for medals in Rio.

15-a side Men`s Rugby

Just kidding, Rugby Union 15’s will not be in the Summer Olympics to soon and the Olympic committee still needs to go screw itself.

How about you guys, which sports are you excited about in these 2016 Olympics? Comments are always open and welcome.

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7 Responses

  1. Tennis … as usual lol

  2. Phelps is a monster. BTW he will swim 6 events not 3

    • You`re right, my bad, thanks. I was only thinking about the individual events, he`ll do 3 relays as well (though he`s officially confirmed for only 2).

  3. I like the Olympics but, like you, I hate the sun and heat, so I think I prefer the Winters Olympics as well.

    Seven-a-side rugby is the Olympics for the first time ever. I prefer the full game but I can see the appeal of Rugby Sevens because it is quicker and tends to be high scoring, so hopefully it will help rugby get out there to a wider audience.

    • Yep, it`s growing pretty fast, but surely it won`t come close to Rugby 15’s in terms of popularity. I’d compare it to Women’s football in terms of growth and potential.

  4. In Armenia we mostly watch weightlifting and wrestling , because we only have gold medal contenders in that sports. As for me I am going to watch all the sports
    a little bit from every sport, because i dont think that any of these sports like fencing or beach volleyball will be interesting for me out of Olympic games .

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