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Why the behavior of Serena Williams was a disgrace #UsOpen

Manifesto on the Serena Williams fiasco last night. Rant. Facts.

1) Serena was warned for off court coaching. She told the ref she accepts the decision but that she wants to make it clear she doesn`t cheat and that she doesn`t agree with the decision (after the match Mouratoglu aknowledged he was coaching her).

2) Serena was given a second warning for breaking her racket, which resulted in a lost point. She started throwing tantrums, saying she doesn`t deserve this, that she never cheated, that she has a daughter, that the first warning was bogus, and she asked to receive an apology from the ump in a clearly threathening manner.

3) During the changeover Serena threw another tantrum calling the umpire a liar and a thief, asked again for an apology in an aggressive manner, and was handed her third warning which resulted in a lost game. She procedeed to call the officials to come in, complaining that she`s being treated unfairly because she`s a woman.

All decisions by Carlos Ramos, the umpire, were correct. One can argue that maybe the umpire could have looked the other way in a Grand Slam final, and I might agree. But that would only mean bending the rules in favor of Serena.

At the press conference, Serena took it upon herself to be a spokesperson for all the women who are persecuted and discriminated in tennis. That is why she did what she did. She is a fighter.

Media ppl comparing this situation with McEnroe and Nastase are purposely creating a false narrative, manipulating the public to advance their agenda. First of all, McEnroe and Nastase played 30/40 years ago. Secondly, they lost plenty of points, games, or even matches. Yes. 40 years ago Nastase was kicked out of the court for unsportsmanlike conduct. McEnroe suffered as well.

Ppl shouting that male players get away with more. These ppl have no idea what they are talking about, they just regurgitate what Serena and the media are saying.

Yes, there are male players who get away with more. There are also male players who don`t get away with less. Just like there are female players who get away with more, and there are female players who don`t get away with less. It`s not an exact science.

Also the rules change year after year, so don`t give me examples from 2014. Oh, but you just provided examples from 1972 with Nastase. My bad.

In 2009 Serena threatened to shove a ball down a refs throat, among others, and she was a hero (was given a 10.000$ fine), just like she is made to be today. In 2017 Fabio Fognini called a referee a bitch, and was suspended for 2 Grand Slams, plus a 96.000$ fine. #sexism

This is a sport in which women earn as much money as men do, even though women work less and create less revenue.

You have the nerve to call Sexism? Yes. Tennis is sexist against men.

Anybody suggesting otherwise is dumb, brainwashed or has an agenda. I just don`t see any other possibility. Feel free to enlighten me in the comments. I would love constructive talk on this topic.

Also, fuck Billie Jean King and all the other ignorant millionaires which praise equality and feminism despite not even knowing what those terms really mean. I swear, I am the first to respect sports champions, but at the same time it makes me sick to my stomach to see some of them spew out ignorant opinions just to be on track with the cable network that rounds their millions.

It`s easy to praise positivity from your villa when thousands of animals are skinned alive daily, children die of hunger with the same frequence, and suffering is ever present in the world.

Not even mid class ppl like me can understand the suffering which is going on in the world, but these fat cats tell us we should be all happy and positive. Some of them do it just to get an extra pay day from the liberalist media. Horrific!

Don`t kid yourself. What Serena Williams did last night goes as far as to have social and political implications. People are jumping at eachothers necks on social media. It is all hate. Pure hate.

Why do you think the vast majority of the West agrees with Serena, while the vast majority of the East is disgusted with her?

a) western people are just so much smarter
b) eastern people have not yet been brainwashed by the media

Keep listening to bbc, espn or cnn. The bubble might burst, and god bless all of us when it does.

I have not said a word about Naomi Osaka so far. And guess whose fault it is? How can a champion like Serena live with herself knowing she took away Osaka’s glory just so she can throw another tantrum? It takes a special kind of character to not care about this.

Serena Williams should be fined heavily and banned for at least a couple of months. Like Fabio Fognini. Now that would be justice and equality.

serena osaka us open i have a daughter

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18 Responses

  1. i couldn-t it said it better *clap*

  2. For the Left, Serena has it all: she’s black, a woman, comes from a disadvantaged background and upsets the status quo in the “whiteness” that is tennis. The so-called “greatest athlete of all time” behaves like a brute and the white, male chair ump is to blame. Pathetic. Personal failure is blamed on bigger forces, even though Williams was being soundly beaten and would have lost with or without the penalties. Victimhood mentality is the crutch of the Left and the poor excuse for the butt-whipping administered last night. Williams is a disgrace to tennis and the fact she had the support of the crowd just goes to show how far this great sport has fallen.

    • I agree with most of what you said, but I will give Serena more credit. She might have a dubious character, but she is still a great champion and I think she deserves more respect from this point of view. I mean she is not a disgrace to tennis.

    • I disagree. She is a disgrace. She is the thief. A woman who has 23 titles stole the joy of what would presumably be the greatest moment in Osaka’s career, and possibly her life. Imagine the emotion, for her to be playing her idol, Serena, and what a magic moment the match would have been regardless of who won. This is a moment that Naomi cannot get back. Serena tainted something this girl has dreamed about, even written about in her Grade 3 journal. Naomi achieved the impossible…. Very few athletes or people in any discipline can say the competed against their biggest role model, their idol. And then won. Serena owes her an apology, and the referee’s an apology, but a genuine apology would be for Serena to recognize and be humble enough to know she is not above the rules. She will never do that.

    • You are right Ivory, but I still give her the respect she deserves as a great champion despite her other flaws and how disrespectful she was to Osaka.

  3. she victimizes herself everytime … im black, im woman blah blah .. come on …

  4. She got whooped by a classy, graceful, beautiful talented young athlete whose poise , determination and grit outmatched Serena’s brute force . Serena tried to derail Osaka’s win by throwing a barrage of tantrums and trying to intimidate the chair umpire. But Carlos Ramos stood his ground and did the right thing. Shame on you Serena.

  5. Serena is behavior with disgraceful. He was absolutely abusive to an

  6. Couldn’t agree more.

  7. Best stuff i read in a while tbh, u know what you are talking about

  8. I agree on all but two points.Top men do wind up earning more than women from advertising and sponsorship in tennis – although that is not the fault of the authorities.Not convinced ‘the west” agrees with Serena on this one.It’s just that she’s had some media support because the media want to be seen to be supporting women’s rights and racial minorities.

    • Well, advertising money is a meritocracy in capitalism, I don`t think that has anything to do with the discussion. We`re talking about prize money from tournaments. PS: I`m pretty sure Serena gets the second most advertising money after Federer, so she can`t complain.
      Regarding the media, it`s what I said as well. And it was the Western media who pushed this agenda. I followed a lot of twitter talk before writing this, you could see most Western news outlets supporting her, and most western ppl supporting her, while most people from Eastern Europe for example were against her – thus the conclusion that most ppl from the West are influenced by a manipulative media.

    • @Daniel Victor Ros is right, it is only the west countries who always pushes this equality and feminism stuff

    • Not sure what your point is about men earning more….. Their earnings are governed by the free market, and if they earn more it means that they bring in more revenue for the products they endorse than women do. Women models make more than male models do. It is some magical world people live in when they complain about equality of outcome. Anyone who makes an argument of sexism based on that women earn less, or more, or anything pointing out the results of men and women’s efforts in society are not the same….. you’re a communist. You don’t know it, but the ideology behind the complaints about men earning more is the same ideology that fuels communism…. It means you want equality of outcome, and not equality of opportunity. If you were writing a test, and the professor wanted the results to be equal between males and females, he would reduce the score of some to increase the score of others. So, in that standpoint it would appear everything is equal. yay!! But on the front end of that, is the fact that some people worked harder and/or are smarter and earned the higher grades. Other people didn’t earn the grades. That is the worst injustice. You may not even be a person who supports the extreme disease feminism has become, and how it takes away women’s power to demand equal outcome for different things. The gender pay gap is a myth as the studies do not account for the fact that the majority of women work far less hours than a man. By their own choice. Their interests are different than men, and they are not interested (and lets be honest could not physically be capable) of many of the high paying dangerous jobs men choose. Anyways, it frustrates me anytime I hear someone mention men make more than women, I have to comment as stupid as it sounds. And I am a woman! This comment is not really directed at you, just the others who cry males oppress females. Systemically, statistically it is just not true.

    • Good and well structured comment, IV. You make completely fair points although I`m sure Daniel Victor doesn`t have a problem with men making more from advertising, I think he was just stating a fact.

  9. Thank you, one of the best comments I read about this.
    If Serena really is that great an athlete like everybody thinks she is, and the role model she wants to be, then she’d apologize to the ref and to her opponent. If she can’t do that now, a few days after the finals and with the emotions cooled down, then she is neither one.

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