Welcome to betdistrict

Many of you, if not all, allready know about this project and have been with us a long time on betforcash, the romanian betting tips website from which we have migrated here. So, first of all, good evening to our friends.

I (Rostick) will keep this short, there is no need for spectacular introductions to betdistrict. This is just a ‘thank you’ message for our long-time readers and a bundle of informations about the website. We have gained life today, 15th of may 2013, but as you can see, unfortunately there are many things left unfinished. The process of building this website will continue until June 1st, when we will finally be able to say that everything is done. It will also be the time when tipsters will begin competing for monthly prizes. You can stay updated with everything on the Betdistrict facebook page. This time next year, we want to be a leading force between all the betting tips websites available online.

If you are new to our old betforcash team and don`t know anything about it, I welcome you to betdistrict and guarantee that the information here will keep you satisfied. Thanks for being here, reader.

As I said, i will keep it short. Thank you for being here and LET THE TIPS COME, along with the profit. Have a great evening.