BetOnValue review

BetOnValue is an arbitrage betting and odds comparison service. Having been launched way back in 2000, BetOnValue is the first and oldest sure betting solution online, scanning odds from ~100 bookmakers and providing dozens of sure bet opportunities every day for its customers. BoV is part of GSH ONLINE MEDIA SRL, registered in Bucharest, Romania, and it is owned by BetBrain, whose old website software it uses.

bet on value arbitrage betting

What is sports arbitrage?

Arbitrage, also known as hedging or sure betting, implies a guaranteed profit by betting on all possible outcomes of an event. This can be achieved by betting at different bookmakers, whose individual odds allow you to make a profit regardless of the end result.

As an example, let`s say Roger Federer plays Rafael Nadal at the US Open. Federer has odds 2.05 to win at Pinnacle, while Nadal has odds 2.07 to win at 1Xbet. In this case you can make a guaranteed profit by betting on both competitors at the respective bookies. For a better understanding of arbitrage you can check out our short beginners guide on sure bets, or you can watch BetOnValue’s own 1 minute tutorial on Youtube (or their FAQ section on the website).

BetOnValue odds comparison

As an odds comparison service, BetOnValue has only one fault: they do not have a great variety of sports. The service is focused on Football, Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Handball, American Football and ESports (fantastic ESports coverage by the way).

For the sports they do offer, the service is quite excellent. The website is fast and user friendly, even though there is a TON of information available. You can compare odds from a wide variety of competitions and betting types, with info like payout percentages or price movement and useful filters. You can benefit from pretty much the full experience for free.

Odds types supported: Decimal, Franctional, US, Malay, Indonesian, Hong Kong.

BetOnValue arbitrage

Their surebets page provides you with dozens of arbitrage opportunities everyday (including from exchanges), helps you identify value bets and, to make it easier, they also have a surebet calculator. Everything is displayed in a clear and easy to understand manner, which I really appreciated.

betonvalue surebets

You can use all these for free, but pretty much just in a“test it out” kind of way. In the end you will need a member account here, because otherwise the surebets are delayed by 20 minutes, which is not good in a business where speed and time are crucial (also limited to showing surebets with returns of max 1%). Of course, you’ll also want to have accounts at the various bookmakers, and money in the account or the ability to quickly deposit, so you can be ready when the arbs opportunity arises.

BetOnValue also provides a very useful tool, called “Accounting”, which lets you record and keep track of all the arbitrage bets you placed. It is very useful to be able to register all your bets in the same place.

BetOnValue review summary

BetOnValue is an overall excellent service, which is actually pretty obvious considering the fact that they’ve been online since 2000. You don’t last two decades in this industry by half-assing things.

I would have liked for them to have more sports available, and as a personal opinion I feel the service is a bit expensive, even though the price will be easily covered from your wins if you are serious about arbitrage betting. And, to be honest, all the good surebetting solutions on the market are costly.

All in all, I have no hesitation recommending BoV, both as an odds comparision website and as an arbitrage service. They will provide exactly what they promise, so the only question which remains is if you are interested or not. Make sure to check out the free version to test things out and see how you feel about them!

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