review, launched in 2020 and operating worldwide, is the first decentralized Crypto sportsbetting platform built on the EOS blockchain protocol.

sportbetone crypto sportsbook review

Website and welcome bonus

The website is very simplistic, which is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on each person’s preference. Personally I love it, because it is responsive, easy to use (very friendly with beginners) and actually lightning fast! I think in the end those are much more important qualities than some special design. It keeps the same characteristics on mobile as well. welcomes you with a 100% risk free bet up to the equivalent of 50 US dollars. You just have to activate the free bet in your account and use it in the first 7 days. There are no other rollover requirements!

Odds, betting coverage and live betting

Odds are rather mediocre, in some cases actually a tad below that standard. You know that saying “not great, not terrible”? Well, this is it. Handicap lines are usually 1.90-1.90, which is in fact a bit better than expected given the general payout %.

Sportbet has 14 sports on offer, including a large e-sports coverage. You get the basic betting options, but you will not see the huge variety of betting types which we have started to get used to. The positive is that they have a lot of adjustable (asian) handicaps and under/overs available. They have a wide range of football leagues on offer, but on other sports they focus more on the important competitions. You can bet on things like Bolivian basketball, but not on tennis ITF’s, for example.

Live betting also appears to be more focused on football and on the larger competitions overall. You have pretty much the same betting types available in-play as you do pre-play, with the same variety of handicaps and under/overs. Live streaming is checked.

Customer support, banking and limits

You can contact via e-mail, live chat, wechat or telegram (in English, Russian and Chinese). They are helpful and professional. I’ve had good a good experience with their support, including on the live chat (24/7), where they answered me certain specific questions for which you usually only get generic responses (or none at all) on live chats.

You can deposit and withdraw with BTC (converted to mili-Bitcoin), ETH, EOS, USDT (stablecoin) and SBBET (their own token). You can also deposit via credit card (4,5% fee) or bank transfer (1% fee), with the currency then converted into your crypto currency of choice.

Crypto deposits and withdrawals are usually instant, maybe up to an hour depending on how fast you get network confirmation. For more info about buying/selling cryptocurrency and uploading it in a bookmaker’s account you can read our crypto betting guide. also allows you to stake your funds in order to receive dividends, and they have developed their own token, SBbet. They are working to improve themselves, and that’s great! (for example, up until recently you could only use EOS as a currency on their platform).

Betting limits at SportBet are “high”, that is according to their own words. As for limiting winning players, that can’t really happen when you use a cryptocurrency sportsbook. You can sign up with just an e-mail address or crypto wallet, and don’t need any verification. Anonymity and privacy are absolute. Of course, that kind of goes both ways, as SportBet are not licensed or regulated. Fortunately, they seem transparent and professional, always active on forums and social networks, willing to help and explain.

sportbetone eos sportsbook review review summary

While might be lacking in some (important) areas like odds or overall betting coverage and is not as “fancy” as other Sportsbooks, I think it excels at making things easy. If you would ask me how I would characterize this bookmaker, I would say it is a great option for beginners. And I feel that’s quite a valuable quality to have in an industry like crypto gambling, which can seem quite complicated to many (most) people.

I was torn between a 3.5 and a 4 star rating, I will give 4 stars because they seem serious about their business, the concept of a decentralized sports betting platform is intriguing, and they are also showing that they are working on improving. If you’re just starting out with crypto betting, I think you would do well to check them out.

Games / Poker / Casino: ✅

Live Streaming: ✅

Deposits / withdrawals: BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT, SBBET

Country restrictions: USA, United Kingdom final rating

Interface - 6.5
Usability - 9
Betting offer - 7
Odds - 6
Handicaps - 8.5
Live Betting - 7
Bonus - 7
Banking - 9
Limits - 8
Customer service - 8.5