7 for 7: Know your tipsters better. Episode 1, ARDEAL

7 for 7 betting tips betdistrict7 for 7: Know your tipsters better is an article-series developed by Betdistrict, focusing on profiling the tipsters that bring you daily picks on our website. We have a small snippet, personal info and interviews containing 7 questions. The first ‘season’ of the series will see 7 of our tipsters interviewed. If you find the articles useful and enjoyable, the series will continue with a second season.

ardeal betdistrict tipsterAs things stand in May 2015, Ardeal is the second overall tipster on Betdistrict with a profit of about +232 units and an Yield of over 7% – both stats coming from a healthy sample of over 450 picks posted in 2 years. He’s also the longest serving tipster on Betdistrict and our partnership with him dates back to 2008, when we had good times hitting the bookies with our now extinct Romanian website betforcash. We at Betdistrict and me, Rostick, always rated Ardeal highly and had belief in his abilities. We’re happy to start this series profiling a guy that we like to call our friend and hearing what he has to say.

How did you become involved in sports betting, and when did you start earning constantly?
I’m passionate about this industry and I’m involved with gambling, cards and sports betting since forever. I started winning on a regular basis once I became more active in watching the matches and studying stats / different aspects of the game more carefully.

You are writing on Betdistrict since its birth in 2013, but you also wrote on our old Romanian website between 2008 and 2012 – being our oldest tipster and partner. Why?
I liked the idea behind the websites, initially Betforcash.ro and after that, Betdistrict. I believed in the project, I found quality and knowledge and I tried to give back the same things. Your Romanian website was the first one I wrote on and it helped me develop as a bettor, I learned things and tried to give back the same value and quality to the other readers.

Are you living trough betting, is it a secondary job or just a hobby?
I can say that betting is somewhere between a hobby and a secondary job for me. I’m writing picks and articles for the prizes and they help me analyze the match better myself.

ardeal tipster tennis stats

Over 95% of your tips on Betdistrict are on tennis. It’s safe to say you are an expert, slowly making noise on twitter as well. What is your input on analyzing a tennis match?
I became a tennis specialist because I think it is the most beautiful sport at the moment. I started enhancing my knowledge trough reading every piece of information that came my way, from stats and picks to players’ particularities. My instinct and my vision are my best ‘weapons’ in betting a game and they come hand in hand with watching matches live – which is very important for me. Further facts include detailed player stats, form, mental aspect and pretty much everything else up to fans, venue, weather or match time. All factors are very important in my analysis, ones being more important than the others.

You came back from -200 units to +250 units on Betdistrict. A large part of your success was due to the “1st set tiebreak” bet. Why do you fancy this bet? Can it win long term?
I don’t think the “First set tiebreak” bet is the only reason for my progress from the “bottom of the pit”. I evolved as a punter and I just think I became better in looking for value, finding the value in the odds. I believe this is what long term success is all about.

I know you as a straight forward guy. What’s your opinion about Betdistrict?
I see it as my “home” website, I’m here since a very long time. I still have a very good opinion about Betdistrict, but I can say that it didn’t develop quite how I expected. I was thinking the website will develop more than it has and faster. I know it’s a lengthy process to create and popularize a good product, but I feel that some investments could bring it to the top. Still, overall I feel you are doing a great job and want to wish you success for the future.

Thank you mate. A message for your followers and for Betdistrict’s readers?
Watch, analyse, bet … never in a different order. Remember: The house doesn’t beat the player. It just gives him the opportunity to beat himself. And don’t forget, you can eat your betting money, but don’t bet your eating money!

Tipster personal info and gossip
Country: Romania
Favorite bookie: Pinnacle (odds) – Bwin (underdogs)
Music genre: Classic rock, Romanian folk music
Favorite movie: Two for the money, Mystic River, Good Will Hunting, Godfather
Favorite person: Avram Iancu, Del Piero
Favorite team: U Cluj, Juventus
Favorite players: Del Piero, Dolgopolov, Federer, Monfils, Karlovic

Tipster profile page
Find Ardeal on twitter (all about tennis, tennis insights)

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

“My advice to the unborn is, don’t be born with a gambling instinct unless you have a good sense of probabilities.”

About Rostick

Born in '88. Running betting tips websites since 2007. Launched Betdistrict in 2013. Worked as a bookie for a year to spy on the other side. Rugby Union and NBA expert. Editor info & statistics.


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  3. I only now found this interviews, are great

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