7 for 7: Know your tipsters better. Episode 2, COLDGOLD

7 for 7 betting tips betdistrict7 for 7: Know your tipsters better is an article-series developed by Betdistrict, focusing on profiling the tipsters that bring you daily picks on our website. We have a small snippet, personal info and interviews containing 7 questions. The first ‘season’ of the series will see 7 of our tipsters interviewed. If you find the articles useful and enjoyable, the series will continue with a second season.

Coldgold betdistrict tipsterCurrently (May 2015), Coldgold, an Arsenal fan, is the most successful tipster on Betdistrict – and his stats (over 300 units profit, 14% Yield) come from a relevant sample size of over 250 picks. A Bulgarian, Coldgold is betting almost exclusively on football, with a lot of lesser leagues in his portfolio. An early tip by Coldgold is almost guaranteed to see dropping odds in the next days and his proven record is impressive for a young tipster like himself. We`re eager to interview him and find out his inputs on the industry, betting, making money. Ladies and gents, Coldgold.

How did you become involved in sports betting and when did you start earning constantly?
Due to my background in chess and maths and my passion for soccer, I thought it would be a good idea to start investing in sports. Before I turned 18, I was just researching and looking on how would I pick up my strategy when I start betting. Most of my profit though, comes not from the bets I place myself – but rather from tipster competitions, strategic partnerships and work for investors. I had made profit in about 14/15 months since I started betting and publishing my betting analyses in different sites.

You are the best tipster on Betdistrict at the moment, with over 300 units of profit and ~ 14% Yield in over 250 picks. What`s your secret?
It`s hard to evaluate a tipster just by his stats. Some people would choose Ardeal, Kamlesh or Jompy over me. I personally think that Alcuni is the best tipster around with his great experience and Ligue 2 insights. Anyway, these results are achieved with a lot of research, good contacts, some stats and knowing where to find the info I need.

You are betting on many lesser known football leagues. Are you the type of punter that watches games, do you count on statistics, or do you make your bets looking at the odds movement?
It’s hard to beat the bookies in the top leagues. They know much more than the regular bettor there because there is huge demand for betting on these leagues. They also invest a lot in sponsorship and may manipulate the odds in the way they desire. On the other hand, in lesser known championships they use stats to make their odds which of course means they make a lot of mistakes with the opening odds because they may not always know that, for example, team A will play with 8 back choice players. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make profit from the biggest championships, it’s just a lot harder. I did a paper research for a conference investigating one of the biggest and one of the smallest championships which supports with exact figures my statements.

I only watch soccer for entertainment. You can find previews of the games and analysis of how they went, although of course watching the game for full 90 minutes will give you even bigger advantage over the bookies. I do count on statistics but you have to be very careful with it as there are other factors like weather, missing players, changes in club that should be considered as well. Sometimes stats can do more harm to the bettor than to help him. I do not care about odd movement (unless they are extreme, then most probably I will skip). If I spot value, I am on it. I am not afraid to bet against the market as well.

coldgold tipster

You are from Bulgaria and we, in Eastern European countries or equivalent, are starting to have hard times with bookmakers betting limits and legislation. Do you think people from such countries will have an increasingly hard time betting online in the near future?
A lot of Bulgarians have accounts with online bookies despite the absurd laws. I know from some contacts that in other Balkan countries the situation is better and they have lesser restrictions. Frankly, I think that the Balkan countries will not have any hard time with online betting. Actually, I believe that the situation will improve.

You are also writing for other tipping websites, but there are some portals with bigger prizes than us for which you are not posting. What motivates you to write ~ 20 tips / month on BD?
When I spot some good value and can support it with strong arguments, I just write my thoughts down (If I have the time of curse). I do not care a lot about how big the prizes are, I just feel my labor should be rewarded in one way or another (by gaining money or by acquiring new contacts). I do admit though, that if in the last day I could catch extra few hundred euros, I will do some unconventional moves to get my hands on them :). Some sites have rules which don’t suit me and I wouldn’t bother publishing for them at all. Another case is Bet****, who deleted my account without ever mentioning a reason why.

What`s your honest opinion about Betdistrict?
Generally I do like the site and also the administration has been correct ever since the site is on. I do think that there are some places for improvement, like adding more bookies which the competitors can choose from (and maybe remove some old ones), some better interface and advertisement. I am genuinely surprised, though that there is such a small amount of competitors here.

Thank you mate. A message for your followers and for Betdistrict’s readers?
All the best, I will work to write at the same level and continue to improve my record and I hope you will continue to follow me and the other tipsters on Betdistrict. Always make a proper analysis before betting.

Tipster personal info and gossip
Country: Bulgaria
Age: 19
Music genre: Hip Hop/RnB/House
Favorite movie(s): Inception, Interstellar, Fight Club, The Dark Knight, Prestige
Favorite person: A really tough question 🙂
Favorite team: Arsenal

Tipster profile page
Find Coldgold on twitter

“Never bet more than you can afford to lose” – Coldgold

About Rostick

Born in '88. Running betting tips websites since 2007. Launched Betdistrict in 2013. Worked as a bookie for a year to spy on the other side. Rugby Union and NBA expert. Editor info & statistics.


  1. Thank you mate for your kind word; even I think is not 100% true:) are other better than me of course
    I am surprise you have only 19 years- you seemed to mature; you are a very good tipster and one of the fewest I follow:) keep your good work and all green

    • Honestly I was a bit surprised as well, all the more credit to Coldgold.
      But it doesn`t matter really. I know for a fact that some people are reluctant to take advice from guys under 24-25 years old, that`s just stupidity as far as I`m concerned. There`s always something to learn from anybody.
      Alcuni, you`re next mate 😀

  2. Thanks a lot, alcuni. I am glad you follow me and I hope you make some nice profit out of it.
    Best Regards,

  3. Great work, mate!

  4. Your tips are A+. I like ones on south america especially and won with some of them. Thx & Keep it up my fellow Gooner 🙂

  5. You are good but your analyses are not always the best. But the picks are excellent so that what matters.
    I like how you see the betting world. What is private investors? Do people back you and you give them part of profits?
    PS: I don’t think situation in Balkan countries will get better. laws get more difficult. it is a problem.

  6. Thanks a lot @topspin77, I appreciate that 🙂
    Thanks a lot, @jermaine. I am really proud of my SA tips as well (especially from this Chile 2015 . I am working a lot in that area now and you will see a lot more tips from here in the future.

    @Kzawa – I would love to hear on what you I think I could improve in my analyses.

    Well – you send them bets and they give you % of their winnings. Unfortunately I screwed up working for one of the bets companies (punteam). I am now in my trial with another one -hope nowo as more experienced I would manage to get on board and provide good results 🙂

    About the situation in the Balkans, I am moving to UK to study in September and I will practically have double citizenship in terms of bookies’ perspective (for example sending documents to Bwin that I live in UK and to Pinny that I live in Bulgaria) and therefore my opinion about this question could not be well-thought.
    Still, with old tricks like using VPN/Proxy, asking a friend abroad to open account, etc, nobody’s going to get into legal trouble at all.

    • Oh now I see. Interesting.
      Yes, tricks can be made, but to bet legally it becomes impossible almost ..
      I don’t know what I was thinking when I said about analyses. Your analyses are very good. I was in hurry and probably made a confusion in my head between your analyses and the analyses from another tipster. Sorry about that.

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