7 for 7: Know your tipsters better. Episode 5, RODMAN10

7 for 7 betting tips betdistrict7 for 7: Know your tipsters better is an article-series developed by Betdistrict, focusing on profiling the tipsters that bring you daily picks on our website. We have a small snippet, personal info and interviews containing 7 questions. The first ‘season’ of the series will see 7 of our tipsters interviewed. If you find the articles useful and enjoyable, the series will continue with a second season.

Rodman betdistrict tipsterRodman10, a 29 year old “proud Croatian”, is one of the longest serving tipsters on Betdistrict and still owns the longest winning streak on the website – hitting no less than 16 bets in a row. Even though previous months didn`t work out as well, Rodman10 still holds a solid profit with over 7,5% Yield from over 100 picks (as of July 2015). His previews are of good quality and he likes to bet mostly on football, though he says it`s far from being his favorite sport. Ladies and gentlemen, episode 5 of our tipster series: Rodman10.

How did you become involved in sports betting and when did you start earning constantly?
I think like many of us, I always had an interest in sports. As a kid I was fascinated by the betting shops and “that world”. Early in highschool I started visiting them, betting some accumumators … it was a nice time with less responsibilities, just having fun betting with some friends. I started making money consistently and being more professional after I finished high school. I still have weeks or sometimes 1-2 months (rarely) without betting. It is still a hobby for me, maybe between a hobby and a second job.

At the beginning of your “Betdistrict career”, you had an incredible 16-match winning streak! Those were actually your first 16 tips on the website, what a start! How did you feel about that?
Sure I remember that, honestly I was proud of that and nice that you remember too. Many people were encouraging me and saying nice words, I wanted to go for 20 (lol) but it was not to be. I think it was my best month overall since I am betting. But of course streaks are not the most important, I think anybody can get hot. I hope to go on streaks similar to that in the future because lately I did not write so much or win so much.

rodman10 run
Back in the day, when Rodman10 was going for his 16th consecutive win on Betdistrict. Now the time came to finally answer the question: who is this guy?

Your nickname is basketball related, but you bet mostly on football. What’s your best sport?
Basketball is my favorite sport and I have to admit that I do not like football so much. But there is a big saying: ‘don’t bet with your heart’. I prefer to watch basketball and only bet when i sense tremendous value. Instead I bet on football, a sport that I follow but have no huge interest in … if that makes sense. I also like to bet on tennis sometimes.

Your previews are of good quality, written fluently and providing good input on the matches. Do you think the information is more important than the plain profit?
I can’t say that, I think the profit at the end of the day is the most important. But I also think that the information is what a tip should be about … and the user can extract what he wants from the picks. It is not clever to bet something just because somebody says so, if they do not give you any information. But the profit is the most important thing. I also have to say that I think there are many tipsters writing like me or better than me.

rodman tipster stats

You don’t seem to write tips for other websites. Why did you choose to write for Betdistrict?
I found your website and liked it. I don’t care about prize money or things like that and I don’t have too much time. I liked Betdistrict because it looked like a one man job with potential and I wanted to help and I also liked to write my ideas for a larger audience. I found overtime that this is a fair website with a very nice, small community. So I`m sticking around and writing when I have the time (hopefully more starting now).

What`s your honest opinion about Betdistrict?
Firstly I want to say that I appreciate the job that you do a lot, I think without too much help.. Secondly, I think there are some very smart tipsters here and users (I saw comments better than the picks). Thirdly, I think Betdistrict needs to invest more prize money in the tipster competition or something, so you can bring in more tipsters and writers. I can also say to maybe redesign a bit the website, but that is not my business and it’s ok anyway.

Thank you mate. A message for your followers and for Betdistrict’s readers?
I will try to write more than I did in the last months, so I hope you contine to follow me and to follow this website. Good luck and only good words for everybody!

elaine jerry money cigar seinfeldTipster personal info and gossip
Country: Croatia
Age: 29
Music genre: Rock
Favorite movie(s): Seinfeld, Breaking Bad
Favorite person: Drazen Petrovic, Zvonimir Boban, Dario Saric, Dennis Rodman, Dwayne Wade
Favorite team: Miami Heat
Tipster profile page

“If you feel like you`re becoming an addict, you are an addict.” – Rodman10

About Rostick

Born in '88. Running betting tips websites since 2007. Launched Betdistrict in 2013. Worked as a bookie for a year to spy on the other side. Rugby Union and NBA expert. Editor info & statistics.


  1. that 16 pick winning run was damn’ crazy 😀 solid odds too!

  2. from all people, Rodman man?

    • I admire his basketball and determination, also his life is his business and I liked that he did not give a f*ck. He had big problems as a kid but got over them. The political stuff, I don’t like, he’s not too intelligent obviously.

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