7 for 7: Know your tipsters better. Episode 6, DAJKULA

7 for 7 betting tips betdistrict7 for 7: Know your tipsters better is an article-series developed by Betdistrict, focusing on profiling the tipsters that bring you daily picks on our website. We have a small snippet, personal info and interviews containing 7 questions. The first ‘season’ of the series will see 7 of our tipsters interviewed. If you find the articles useful and enjoyable, the series will continue with a second season.

Dajkula betdistrict tipsterWe are happy to restart our tipster interview series with our friend Dajkula, a 35 year old Croatian from Zagreb. Dajkula joined Betdistrict back in November 2015 and since then he has been one of the elite tipsters on the website, as you will be able to see from his all time stats listed lower in the article. Dajkula has been very open to doing this interview and we very much enjoyed hearing his take on betting, his insight and his experiences. Hope you will enjoy it just as much!

How did you become involved in sports betting and when did you start earning constantly?
I don`t quite remember how I got involved in sports betting, I guess I was just bored at the time. I started earning constantly 4 years ago, I guess when I began cutting down on bets.

Do you consider yourself a professional / semiprofessional bettor, a part time bettor or is it just a hobby? What do you want from betting going forward?
I would say I am a part time bettor, probably because I have other venues of pleasure or addiction, however you want to look at it. I view betting as a nice form to earn another paycheck, and for that I think meditation and deep reflection should help. Maybe I should start going to church as well. 🙂

Do you remember your biggest win? How about your biggest loss?
I remember my biggest win. Way back it was a big combo with a very small stake, Champions League and Europa League football matches spread across from Tuesday to Thursday. As for my biggest loss, I wish it was only one. I had a series of bad losses, the kind where you just put your head down and say “no more”. That is behind me though, and I hope that if and when when that happens again, I will know to cut down on stakes instead of increasing.

dajkula tipster stats betdistrict

Usually you use flat stakes on your tips. Would you recommend a moneymanagement strategy?
I use flat stakes. Each bet is about 100 Euro. However, if a bad run comes looming, I cut my stakes to 20 Euro per bet. Can`t recommend anything other than what I use.

Your previews are usually of very high quality. Do you think writing quality previews helps with your own betting?
Writing previews helps a lot, I would say. You get rid of the unnecessary clutter, and you can focus your attention on a few bets. I have hundreds of links of sports sites, blogs, even to other tipster sites that can all help guide me in the right direction.

You`re from Zagreb, Croatia. How should a foreign friend spend the day in Zagreb if he / she was visiting you?
If visitors come in Winter time, they should definitely take time to visit the Christmas advent. In Summer time there are dozens of museums, parks, or lakes. I can recommend the very well known street of Tkalciceva, home of many pubs & bars, the park Maksimir and the list can continue.

What`s your honest opinion about Betdistrict? And a word for your followers, if you please.
Betdistrict is going in a good direction but I guess you should lure some more tipsters on the website. I think the site design needs to be updated and, if possible, enhance the prizes. I see an influx of new customers on some others sites, I don`t know if that is true for Betdistrict. For my followers, if there are any: I am trying to maintain a positive record these months, even if sometimes it doesn`t work. I place money on the bets I write and there is a common objective for all of us, to improve. We shall see what the future may bring. Cheers.

Tipster personal info and gossip
Username: Dajkula
Country: Croatia
Age: 35
Music genre: Trance
Favorite movie(s): Forrest Gump
Favorite person:
Favorite team: Dinamo Zagreb & Varteks (now Varazdin, in the second division)
Dajkula tipster profile page

About Rostick

Born in '88. Running betting tips websites since 2007. Launched Betdistrict in 2013. Worked as a bookie for a year to spy on the other side. Rugby Union and NBA expert. Editor info & statistics.


  1. Definitely agree with the website design part, it`s something I had in mind for about a year now, and it`s already in progress. We need it! Hope we will have a new layout by the end of the year, but it depends on the challenges I will come across.
    It would be definitely nice to have bigger prizes, but I guess I have to avoid delays in payment first. You know we were a few days late a couple of times, but let`s keep this between us 🙂 Honestly right now it`s an effort to keep the prizes at the same level (have to send a thanks to Ohmbet), so the plan is to first be able to afford to pay quick with no exceptions, then increase the amounts.
    I think we have a fair number of tipsters. But of course more quality tipsters won`t hurt, and they will come organically. Promoting the tipster competition only brings low quality.
    Thx for the answers mate and hope you`ll keep doing the same good job on Betdistrict for years to come!

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  3. lol classic good old combo on 3 days on CL and EL :)) wonder how much you won. nice interview

  4. Congratulations on your great tips man.

  5. I like this type of article, dajkula you seem like a good guy. I hope for more like this in the future

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