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Ok, I’ll bite. I don’t like these flamboyant spectacles, and the fact that people buy and promote low quality circus, instead of supporting real hard work and excellence. I hate to be part of this, but I think there’s some money to be made here.

Jake Paul, the famous youtuber who started a boxing career, will fight against MMA star Tyron Woodley on Sunday night in an 8 round cruiserweight boxing match. The event will take place in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jake Paul (3-0-0, 3 KO) started boxing in 2018, and currently owns a 3-0 professional record. He fought against a fellow youtuber, against former NBA player Nate Robinson, and against MMA artist Ben Askren. All bouts ended with knockouts inside two rounds.

Tyron Woodley owns a 19-7-1 record in MMA and is a former UFC Welterweight Champion, but at 39 years old he is on the backend of his career, having lost his last four fights. He is known as a very strong puncher in UFC, but this will be his first official boxing match.

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Paul stands at 185cm with an 193cm reach. Woodley stands at 175 cm with an 188cm reach. Paul was just 1kg heavier at the weigh in, but the difference will be larger by fight time, as he is naturally a much bigger guy.

Woodley will be Paul’s biggest challenge so far, expected to be much tougher than another MMA fighter, Ben Askren, was last year. But I think the result will be the same as in Paul’s fight with Askren. Maybe not a first round TKO, but a win for Paul.

Like it or not, Jake Paul is one of the biggest draws in boxing right now and there is a huge amount of money to be made for so many people off his fights. He could go on to fight McGregor or Mayweather for tens or even hundreds of millions, or he could go on with a legit boxing career which will generate immense revenue as well.

Everybody has so much to gain from Paul winning this exhibition, and we know that boxing is not the cleanest sport there is. I won’t go as far as saying that Woodley will sell this fight, but I think we can all agree it’s not impossible. After all, this event is all about money. Woodley is at the end of his career and he is just thanking his lucky stars for being able to snatch this payday.

That being said, even in a fair fight, Paul should win. Yes, Woodley is the real fighter between these two, and he knows how to box, but he is not a boxer. Paul has now trained professionally in boxing for a few years, he sparred with the best of them, you could say that he is a legit professional boxer. It’s a huge difference maker!

To top it off, Paul is also the much bigger man, with a much larger reach, another determining factor in boxing, which is extremely hard to overcome.

We got a guy training professionally in boxing against an UFC fighter, with the boxer being the (much) bigger and younger guy. That should be a slam dunk, even with the particular circumstances of this fight. Then we add the fact that the two are competing in a big money exhibition where everybody has an interest in Paul to win and get built up. I don’t know how you can argue all these key factors which favor Jake Paul. I think he’ll score a KO in the middle rounds, and any odds from 1.50 up (on the 1×2 market) seem like a very good deal in my estimation.

Pick: Jake Paul
Odds: 1.64 @ 1xBit
Stake: 9
Possible profit: 5.76
Event date: 30 August

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