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RebelBetting is a sports arbitrage service developed by ClaroBet AB, a small company of sports betting experts and software developers based in the North of Sweden. Since its launch in 2008, the RebelBetting software has evolved to become the No.1 Sports Arbitrage service, being used by over 100.000 users from 120 countries, who make a regular profit between 10% and 20% per month.

rebelbetting sports arbitrage review

What is sports arbitrage?

Arbitrage, also known as hedging or sure betting, implies a guaranteed profit by betting on all possible outcomes of an event. This can be achieved by betting at different bookmakers, whose individual odds allow you to make a profit regardless of the end result.

As an example, let`s say Roger Federer plays Rafael Nadal at the US Open. Federer has odds 2.05 to win at Pinnacle, while Nadal has odds 2.07 to win at 1Xbet. In this case you can make a guaranteed profit by betting on both competitors at the respective bookies.

For a better understanding of arbitrage you can check out or short beginners guide on sure bets.

Also, Rebel Betting has an excellent FAQ, an e-book and a 1 week free trial version of the software (only gives you arbitrages with up to 0.6% payout) to get you familiar with arbitrage.

What does RebelBetting do?

RebelBetting’s software (designed for Windows, compatible on Mac) identifies and delivers real time arbitrage betting opportunities. They take live odds feeds from ~ 60 bookmakers (they could improve on the number of bookies) and put them out for you as a list on a clean, easy to use interface, which is also very fast, responsive and reliable. I did not encounter any bugs or crashes in the one month I used this service.

The clean interface is something which I feel has great value in the arbitrage business. It allows you to understand everything quickly, not waste any time and go right to the bookies to place your bets. You can also set up your bookie accounts in the ‘options’ section to access them with one click – and that click will take you right to the event, market, and bet you want, via the “auto-surf” feature. These are unique and key features, and a massive plus for Rebel Betting, as many arbitrage opportunities only last minutes. That is if you feel comfortable providing the login details.

As you can see in the below capture (click to enhance in a new window), you have the arbitrage options with the payout percentage, and a click on a particular match will expand its details. There`s also a calculator at the bottom left of the app, which you will get the hang of pretty quickly.

rebel betting review example

The list of matches is separated into two categories:

  • Arbs – Normal arbitrages
  • Middles – A more rare occurrence (only in asian handicaps or under/overs) in which you always win one of your bets, but if a certain result occurs, you also get the other refunded. The highlighted match in the above image is a perfect example. Pinny has odds 2.07 for Montenegro -15.5, while 1xBet has odds 1.96 for Romania +16. if Montenegro wins by 16, you will win one bet and the other will be void.

There are also a lot of options and features which allow you, among others, to select which bookmakers you want odds to appear from (potentially avoiding bookies which you know have low limits), or which is the minimum payout % you wish to see in the app. Rebelbetting has a lot of features and filters like these, which you will eventually master yourself.

For further information on RebelBetting’s software, and on sports arbitrage as well, you have the previously mentioned 1 week free trial, FAQ and free e-book.

The free trial is useless in terms of making money, as it will only provide you with arbs up to 0,6%, but it helps you get used with the software. The FAQ section I found very helpful. The e-book is a well structured piece, which explains everything in detail – including the risks, and doesn`t promise ‘get rich quick’ schemes. It really is a great read to get familiar with arbitrage betting and with the RebelBetting software.


The biggest and obvious downside is the price. RebelBetting is quite an expensive software, as you can see in our list of prices on the right hand side of this article. The lowest price tag is 69 Eur / month, and you need to pay for 12 months in order to get that discount.

There`s also the lack of a mobile app. Even though you can understand why that is, and honestly speaking you probably can`t do successful arbitrage betting from mobile devices, I guess you can still argue that this is a small minus in the current day and age.

RebelBetting review summary

RebelBetting is the first betting service / tool we agree to review & promote in our 4 year history with Betdistrict (aside from bookmakers), so that in itself suggests the fact that we like it.

I would definitely recommend Rebelbetting for high rolling arbitrage bettors, or for guys who are betting the big bucks and want to get into arbitrage betting.

Beginners can also test out the app, as the free trial, along with the free e-book and the FAQ section, should provide you with everything you need to get started.

All in all, RebelBetting is probably the best sports betting arbitrage service out there. It is a premium product which delivers on what it promises, and will help you make money. At the same time, it is pretty expensive, so it`s up to you to decide if the 10-20% monthly profit is enough to cover the subscription fee – and if it is worth it for you.

Join RebelBetting and claim your arbitrage e-book for beginners!

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